Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Thoughts so far

So far I have only really been reading journal articles. I think this is because this is what I'm most used to and comfortable with when doing research due to my scientific background. Considering our lecture today, I feel this is quite a broad resource that features many deatiled articles on detailed subjects, but it doesn't provide the depth needed for a dissertation. I need to consider case studies, and any observations I can make in real-time in order to produce a meaningful, and distinction-worthy manuscript.

Despite this however, the articles have helped me to narrow down my topic and think more about human behavior on the web, and how this behavior may be affected by the coming Web 3.0 revolution. I seem to be thinking about trust. I think it could be a major factor in determining why people still don't trust the web as a real service, why it is still impersonal and hence, why people have their reservations about using it.

In my final practical project I aim to provide a service through the web. In order to do this, I need to investigate how I can build user's trust, and this is how I regard the relationship between my final project and dissertation.

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